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North Sails was founded in 1957 by Lowell North, an American sailor and Olympic Gold Medalist. North was an engineer who methodically focused on building sails that were faster than any competitor's. Year after year, Lowell North and his team pioneered new innovative technologies that conquered wind and water and won races.

Today Lowell North’s inspiration lives on in North Sails apparel as well, as it is designed and developed so that our customers can focus on what’s important for them – taking on the sea or just navigating modern life. We are masters of wind and water, innovators of technology and pioneers of design. Our sails make champions and our apparel is cut from the same cloth.

The North Sails motto is Go Beyond. To go where others can't follow. We always have adventure and innovation in mind. Being a company so closely related to the Ocean, we find that we have a responsibility to care for it and help to conserve our planet, and we value this as the third pillar guiding us. Now as a business, we are just getting started on this important transition. We are not there and have a long way to go, for which we are currently developing a structured plan. With our next collection, we will start funding conservation initiatives. We started using recycled plastics. Researching recycled fabrics. Working to play our part in raising awareness. We harness nature’s power for adventure; we innovate taking advantages from the latest ideas, and we strive to conserve the Ocean for the future generations.

North Sails - since 1957

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North Sails Round Neck 14 GG North Sails Round Neck 14 GG
103,49 € * 114,99 € *
North Sails Hooded Sweat w/Graphic North Sails Hooded Sweat w/Graphic
85,49 € * 94,99 € *
North Sails Hooded Full Zip w/Logo North Sails Hooded Full Zip w/Logo
94,49 € * 104,99 € *
North Sails T-Shirt S/S w/Logo North Sails T-Shirt S/S w/Logo
31,49 € * 34,99 € *
North Sails Round Neck w/Graphic North Sails Round Neck w/Graphic
76,49 € * 84,99 € *
North Sails Cardiff Jacket North Sails Cardiff Jacket
Dieser wattierte Parka wird aus 100 % Polyester hergestellt, der außerdem strapazierfähig und sehr elastisch ist. Dank der wasserabweisenden Appretur müssen Sie sich um Regen, Flecken oder Öl keine Gedanken mehr machen. Abgerundet wird...
269,99 € * 299,99 € *
North Sails Milford Padded Softshell North Sails Milford Padded Softshell
Wir möchten Entdeckern nur das Beste für ihre Streifzüge im Freien bieten. Diese wattierte Softshell-Jacke mit Kapuze ist ein Paradebeispiel für großartige Outdoor-Funktionskleidung: Sie ist wind- und wasserfest und wird aus besonders...
242,99 € * 269,99 € *
North Sails Malmo Jacket North Sails Malmo Jacket
Diese Kapuzenjacke ist perfekt für alle geeignet, in denen wahrer Entdeckergeist schlummert. Unsere Malmo wird aus 100 % leichten und strapazierfähigen Polyamidfasern hergestellt und ist deshalb eine optimale Wahl für alle...
233,99 € * 259,99 € *
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